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    Auckland’s Roof Painting and Re-Roofing Professionals

    Roof painting requires specialist knowledge and equipment. Roof preparation is even more important here than with exterior painting, so we only work with the best and most reliable tradespeople. Our goal is to make your home look amazing, not only from the day we finish but for years to come.
    Our results and customer feedback speaks for itself when it comes to roof painting and we guarantee that you’ll love what we can do for you.

    Peace of Mind

    big or small, no matter the size of your project, our experienced team will ensure that your project runs smoothly

    • Knowledge
      Each Project can be quite unique. We have vast knowledge of the available products in the market and will apply techniques and materials specifically required for each situation.
    • Experience
      All our employees have years of experience and have built up knowledge and skills to tackle almost any situation.
    • Systems
      After years in the industry of performing home maintenance, we have refined and perfected methods to restore your home. Since each project can be quite unique and we don't approach it as one solution for all. We will apply the best products and methods available to ensure that your home is protected.
    • Reliability
      From arriving on time to working within your budget, you can rely on us. We have developed robust management systems to ensure that you receive a personal experience that leaves nothing to chance.
    • Integrity
      our approach to developing a relationship is all about respect. After meeting with you and discussing your needs, we will create a quote to meet your requirements. Our goal is to utilise the best materials and techniques all while maintaining a fair and reasonable quote.

      Roof Painting and Maintenance

      When it comes to home maintenance, we recommend you start from the top down.

      Not checking your roof can lead to damage to the roof structure, the insulation and the ceiling.

      Call our expert team to conduct an inspection and repair.

      We offer a 5 Year Workmanship and a 10 Year Product Warranty also backed by our paint manufacturer.

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      Flaking Roof Paint

      Flaking paint has to be dealt with before painting or spray-painting can begin.

      Most of our time and effort is usually spent on expert preparation.


      Rusty Roofs

      Where rust shows on a roof, those areas have to be professionally prepared or replaced before roof painting or spray-painting can begin.

      Keeping your roof paint well maintained can significantly prolong the life of your roof and therefore save significant costs.


      Waterproofing Membrane Systems (Flat Roofs)

      A flat roof requires professional water-proofing before any roof painting or spray-painting can start. We carefully water-proof and test for leaks before we paint or spray-paint.


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